Frequently asked questions

Why do I need Custom Boots or Shoes?
If you are completely happy with boots that you buy “off the shelf” then we recommend that you continue to do that. If you can't find boots or shoes that fit, or regularly suffer foot problems on a hike or other daily activities, you are a candidate for custom footwear. Many people are completely unaware that they have poor fitting boots and don't know what good fit is — they've simply never experienced it. Now is your chance!

How long will it take to get my boots?
Your boots will be shipped to you approximately 5-6 months after we receive your foot measurements and tracings (pretty fast for custom boots!). We are able to expedite your order for additional cost.

I have custom footbeds/orthotics will they fit in my custom Esatto boots?
We recommend our custom orthotics for a better fit. When we build you a custom pair of boots we can also build the proper orthotics for your feet that will be specifically made for your custom boots. If you have custom footbeds or orthotics and like to use yours, we can construct the last to accommodate them. To accomplish this, we'll need your footbeds/orthotics for about a week when you send your tracings and measurements.

I can't visit Esatto to get my feet measured.
Our system and process are designed to allow you and an assistant to do the foot measurements and tracings in your own home. The process is simple and our instructions provide you with all the details you'll need. If you have any questions about the measuring/tracing, simply call or email us.

What if my boots don't fit?
It is possible that your boots won't fit as you'd expect when you first put them on. With a full grain leather upper and lining, the boot will require some break-in. Usually break-in takes 3-6 weeks of everyday use. However, some people it can take months. If the boots still don't feel right after abreak-in period, send them back and we can make fit adjustments. Ultimately, we'll make you happy. We want you as an ecstatic Esatto customer so you'll tell your friends on the trail how wonderful your boots are!

Why are the boots so expensive?
Well, they're not! When you consider the hours and quality materials that go into custom making a pair of boots, they're a great value. Also, think of all the boots and shoes you've purchased over the years in an attempt to solve your foot problems and are now collecting dust in the closet. You'll only spend a portion of that money on a pair of Esatto boots and they won't collect dust!

Will you be offering more styles?
We already have some different styles and color available. We also have Winter Boots, and Lace-To-Toe boots, Summer Boots, Walkers, Custom Dress Shoes. If you have an interest in a different style of footwear, let us know.

Can my Esatto boots be resoled?
Yes, with proper care, you should typically be able to resole your boots a few times. We recommend that you resole your boots with Esatto because we build them and we know how to re-build them.

Can you really get good measurements of my feet through the mail?
Yes, as long as you follow the instructions for the tracing and measuring, we’ll get very good data to create a 3D version of your foot. If we aren’t comfortable with what you send us, we’ll talk with you about casting your feet. If you have the ability to visit us, we will be glad to take measurements ourselves.

Can I return my boots for full refund?
We have 100% satisfaction so if you are not happy and your boots don’t fit right please contact us. All of our custom products are non-refundable. Once we start on your order there is no going back. The boots are made for your feet only. We want you to be happy with your custom boots so we will work with you until you are.


Esatto Custom Footwear

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Esatto Custom Footwear

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