Clay | Haymarket, VA (2016)

“I realize my summer boots are for summer and are very comfortable in July but I really had nothing else to wear in the blizzard this past weekend. I wanted to let you know that after 38" of snow and shoveling over 2 long days I can report perfectly dry socks, really good traction, and major comfort. The only thing not sore are my feet. Still impressed after 2.5 years."

Bob | Lubbock Texas (2015)

“My Classic hiking boots arrived today, ahead of schedule, and I am THRILLED with them. I've had cowboy boots custom-made and experienced the same feeling with your boots as I did with them. The moment you put them on you know they just FIT correctly, something I've never had with hiking boots. My wide toes have room while my narrow heel is held firmly and comfortably in place. I appreciated your patience in dealing with my nervous skepticism and questions; it took a leap of faith to spend this money and order boots just by a website and the mail, but it worked!

Thank you for the quality, well-fitting boots at a reasonable price."

Greg | Truckee, California (2015)

“We climbed Split Mountain last week. It involved a mile and a half of vertical over rocky terrain with scree scrambles, talus hopping, kicking steps in snow, post-holing, some 3rd class climbing and a long hike out with a heavy pack. My feet did not hurt - at all. Normally I would have been crippled for a few days after bagging a big back country peak. The soles had great cohesion on the rocks and held up to all of the abuse the mountain could hand out. They stayed warm in the snow. This is the first time in years that my feet did not hurt after a big outing like this. We have another trip in a few weeks. I can't wait to be out there again and not have to suffer from the ankles down. Thanks Esatto!"

DeMar | Kerklin, WA (2014)

“It really does feel good to get back to something that brings such fond memories. It’s only been one day, but I think I can safely say that the foot and boot problems are a thing of the past, thanks to my custom made foot ware. Sure, they cost a bunch, but in relation to the rest of the trip the cost was relatively minor, and the benefit of being able to walk all day and not have any problems caused by the slightest ill-fit is more than worth the price of admission. If you’re going to do any serious walking or hiking and your feet don’t conform 100% to a mass-manufacturer’s pattern, I’d recommend a pair of Alex’s boots (He’s not even paying me to say that."

Rick | Sierra Vista, AZ (2014)

“We hike about 800 miles per year so, until I purchased by Esatto light weight summer boots, that meant a new pair of $200 boots every year and the usual "break-in" period with blisters and hot spots every year. I had numerous problems with foot fatigue, a torn miniscus and plantar fasciitis as well...until I got my Esatto boots. I immediately noticed that one boot was shaped a little differently than the other, probably because one foot is about 1/2 size bigger than the other....something that off the shelf manufacturers could not accommodate. I started putting miles on my Esatto's 10 months ago and have covered over 500 tough miles already. With several major upcoming hikes on the agenda, I decide to do a re-sole of the Esatto boots now. I shipped them back to Alex and he upgraded the soles and returned the boots all in the same week. As expected, there was no "break-in" necessary and I hiked 10 miles with them the very next day. I am 65 now and these boots were my retirement gift from my hiking partner - wife. I suspect the boots will outlast me and wish that I too could get re-soled whenever I wear out."

Paul | East Gull Lake, MN (2014)

“I have had sore feet and arthritis in my feet for the last 15 years. I decided to try a custom made hiking boot. I decided to have Esatto Custom Footwear make them based on internet research. I worked with Alex and went through the fit kit and orthodics kit. I had these mailed to me and did them myself with a measuring helper. At this point I was nothing more than hopeful that the new boots and custom orthodics would be a big help to my feet. The boots arrived in a time frame that was promised. When I opened the box the and examined the boots the first thing I noticed was outstanding workmanship and top quality materials. I am picky about such things and these boots did not disappoint. Next I tried them on to see if I felt any better. These boots fit perfect and felt fantastic. I was amazed at how well they fit. I waited until I could wear them for 2 straight days of walking before making any judgements. These boots felt broke in from the first step and my foot pain was significantly reduced. For me these boots were worth the money and I am glad I bought them."

Rich | Mesa, AZ (2013)

“Here are my Esatto summer-weight boots back home in Mesa, Arizona. Since I received them in August they have carried me backpacking in Denali Park, Alaska; rim-to-rim in a day hike, Grand Canyon; on a prospecting trip to Chihuahua, Mexico as well as on numerous local hikes here in central Arizona. Not a bad record for a pair of boots with a pretty short history! They're the most comfortable boots I've ever worn and, with a little luck will keep my 58 yr old feet happy, healthy and moving swiftly for many hikes to come!"

Dustin | Payson, UT (2013)

“Where to begin? I spend all my free time outdoors. On average I back-pack 20-30 miles a week, sometimes more. I have tried every boot out there and thought blistered achy feet was normal, this season alone have worn out two pair of "quality" boots. I contacted Alex with Esatto and after I brief phone consultation we decided the Classic Hiker would meet my needs while backpacking. Four days after our conversation my Fit Kit arrived. The process couldn't have been made easier, simple to follow instruction and everything you need to properly measure your foot. I sent my order form back to Esatto and from the initial phone call to receiving my custom made boot was only four short weeks. Not to mention the exceptional customer service. I was pleased a couple weeks in to get an email of a picture of my boots being made. The day my boots arrived I had just got back from a backpack trip; my feet were blistered, bruised toe nails, and ached like none other. I thought it would be at least a week before I could hike. I put my boot on for the first time and was amazed at how comfortable they were. They wrapped around my foot perfectly and to my surprise my blisters actually healed while wearing the boots. Hiking has never been so comfortable. My Classic Hikers have replaced every shoe I wear and is easily the best investment I have made."

Jon | Baldwinsville, NY (2013)

“I'm 65, been hiking since I was 5. I've hiked in many states and many mountain ranges, but my main areas are the Adirondacks, Catskills in NY and I've completed the 565 mile Finger Lakes Trail which is part of the North Country National Scenic Trail (which is 2500+ miles).

I don't like being defined by physical issues, so few people know I had polio when I was about 5, pre-vaccine. I was much better off than others who shared polio wards. In my 40s I ran many road races, usually 10K at 6 1/2 -7 minute pace. After a pinched sciatic nerve and plantar fasciitis, I stopped running and did much bike riding. After pushing too hard on my bike, I developed other issues, so now my major activity is hiking, especailly mountains. I have a leg length issue and well as differing foot sizes. Your boots help compenate for those problems. Thank you Esatto!"

Tim | San Francisco, CA (2013)

“I wish to spread the good word about Esatto. About six years ago my feet, which had always been too wide for most shoes and boots, developed an odd curve from the heel to the toe that made is impossible for me wear any store-bought shoe of boot. I finally accepted what boot and shoe salesmen had been telling me I needed my boots custom made. I chose Esatto because I liked the comments its customers made, and because I liked the look of the Esatto Classic Hiker. The boots Esatto made fit me exactly, no break-in required, and I have been wearing them almost every day for the last six years.

A couple months ago, one of the threads in the welt of the right boot broke. Esatto told me to send them in so they could fix them. I received the boots back to discover that Esatto had put completely new welts and new Vibram soles on both boots free of charge. The Esatto classic hiker is a high, high quality boot. They have never let me down in any terrain. I can hike in them all day (in fact I did the day after I got them) with never a blister. I liked them so well that I ordered a pair of the Rugged Walker shoe to wear when boots wouldn’t be appropriate. They fit exactly as well as the boots.

If you’re hesitating because of the cost, consider them an investment. Drawing on my own experience with other high-quality hiking boots, I expect these boots to last over 18 years perhaps much longer because I have never bought a boot as well made as the Esatto Classic Hiker. Consider the number of ill-fitting hiking boots you would have to purchase over 18 years, and you’ll see what I mean about Esatto being a thrifty alternative. Thank you, Esatto, for solving my boot and shoe problems."

Christine | Livermore, CA (2013)

“After many years of being the Blister Queen, ruining every backpacking trip for myself with blisters, and spending many hundreds of dollars on new store-bought boots and "professional fittings" of the same, I finally bought a pair of Classic Hikers from Esatto.

The reason I chose Esatto was that they promisedto have them to me in six weeks, much faster than any competitor. They arrived, and I wore them for our family's first thru-hike of the John Muir Trail. Two hundred fifty miles later, when my kids' feet, in their trail runners and super-light hikers, were killing them, my feet felt like they could go another 250 and not even notice. This was ten years go. Since then I've had my boots resoled and they still fit perfectly.

As I grew older and decreased the amount of weight I carried on my back, I decided I needed something a little lighter. I tried hiking in some store-bought, soft toe lightweight boots, but when my toe was crushed on Roper's High Sierra Route by a piece of loose talus(and I still had horrible blisters) I knew I needed another pair from Esatto. I bought the Summer Boots with custom orthotics and have never looked back. They are the perfect combination of light weight, support, and foot protection.

I am 62 years old, and can't get away with the super-light loads of ultra-light backpacking. I need to carry about 30-35 pounds at the start of a ten-day trip.Therefore, my feet, especially the soles, need protection from the rocky trail. Since my feet have always failed in store-bought boots, I need custom boots. If you are the same, stop wasting your money. One pair of Esattos will last for all the trips you will do for the rest of your life, if you are over 50. If you aren't, maybe two pairs. I would highly advise visiting Esatto and having them fit you. The difference between that and doing the measuring myself was worth the plane fair. For my Summer Boots, I visited Esatto for the fitting, and I wore them straight out of the box on a seven-mile hike in 100 degree weather up and down steep hills. Not even the hint of a blister. Over many hundreds of miles of backpacking, I've found that if my feet aren't happy, nothing is. In Esattos, my feet are very happy."

John | Las Cruces, NM (2013)

“After years of wearing ill fitting, uncomfortable boots I decided to have a pair of custom boots crafted. After extensive research I chose Esatto for three reasons; reputation, the Fit Kit, and rapid turnaround. I made the right choice. Customer service was exemplary, the boots were completed within eight weeks, and the fit/comfort is amazing. I received the Hikers about a month ago, have day hiked and backpacked about 60 miles, and have experienced no blisters, heel slippage, or toe jamming; support and stability are superb. Finally, I have boots that fit my feet….Thank you, Esatto"

Clay | Haymarket, VA (2013)

“Excellent communications and delivery. I bought his "Summer Boots" in a brown color. They are the most (and only) comfortable shoes I own. I have wide feet with some typical foot issues. At 53 I was just tired of not owning good boots that fit well enough for long hikes or days. I tried many other off the shelf brands and was not too excited about any of them. They sounded a lot better than they fit. The Esatto's fit perfectly right out of the box. They are now trail tested and I can tell you they get better with age. I recently sold all my other boots on eBay. I do not need them anymore. I should have spent the money at Esatto the first time. Esatto custom boots are completely worth the price and are an excellent value when you look at the big picture. Alex is great to work with and it really was a custom experience."

Jack | New York, NY (2013)

“They are terrific for city use. I recently moved to New York and now I walk much more than I used to in my suburban life. On an average day I walk several miles, often carrying my violin or groceries. Though rugged like outdoor shoes, the Walkers are beautifully sewn, take a nice shine, and I wear them to Lincoln Center daily. 

Esatto stands behind his method and will make the shoes work. I have neuropathy and use orthotics. I followed the directions for tracing my feet and sent photos of my feet and photos of a pair of shoes I had that worked well for me. They fit perfectly and my neuropathy is markedly improved.

It is amazing to have shoes that fit - it almost tickles."

James | Irvine, CA (2013)

“After struggling for years with boots that never fit just right, trying out every insole and orthotic I could find, and still having to deal with aching, blistered feet and a sore back on every long hike, I took the plunge and ordered a pair of the Esatto custom boots. I couldn't believe the difference - it was the first time in years I'd been able to walk any distance without sore feet. I never wanted to take them off, but since I couldn't always wear boots to work, I ordered a pair of the rugged walkers as well.

We just got back from two weeks on safari in Kenya, and the boots were perfect! I'm ordering my third pair today, as I never intend to wear uncomfortable off-the-shelf shoes again."

JEFF | King Killeen, TX (2013)

“These boots are just what I have needed! They took less than a day to break in and I have wore them every day since. I was hesitant to spend the money for custom boots but now wish I hadn't waited so long. Thanks!"

Mara | Irvine, CA (2013)

“Hi, Esatto! I want to thank you for making the best footwear I've ever had and for the extra time and hard work you devoted to having the boots ready in time to break in before my departure.

The boots really made my trip, and they were perfect for my four-day hike on the Milford Track in New Zealand. My feet were comfortable and dry, and the boots were a joy to wear.

Thank you again, Esatto. You made a big difference in my enjoyment of the Milford Track, and I'm looking forward to continuing to hike in my boots."

Mario | Palo Alto, CA (2012)

“WOW! Alex, nobody is going to make me remove these boots way from my feet. I think I will sleep in the couch today. Its water proof right? Thats ok, I cover with plastic for my morning shower :)

Thanks a million, what a difference. Alex, serious, I spent $1600, Canadian Dollars for "custom boots" for nothing. My feet were in so much pain. I was told my feet were wimps :( I don't have the heart to throw those boots away. I bought some many boots I tell you, I'm so glad I read that article.

Thanks again!"

Mike | Nashville, TN (2012)

“The original review for my first pair of Esatto boots after the 2005 hiking season is posted on the website in the feedback section (only review date of 2005).  So how are they doing after 7 hiking seasons?  I like them even more than I did after the first season.  I bought a second pair in case anything happened to my first pair (lost luggage while traveling, etc.). My original pair is holding up well, on their third set of soles, and the uppers are still have a lot of life left in them.  I submitted a current photo of my original boots which will be shown above if/when approved.

A little background about my foot challenges.  About 10 years ago I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis (RA).  In a 4-month span I went from being fairly active to having problems walking.  I thought my hiking days were over.  Normal daily walking still gives me problems unless I am wearing special shoes/orthotics.  I’ve had my ups and downs with RA over the past 10 years, but still have managed to continue backpacking and hiking.  Prior to the RA, I always had problems with hiking boots and never had a pair that really fit (lots of blisters, discomfort, and even some blood-soaked boots).

My Esatto boots have been used for seven seasons for multi-day backpacking trips and hikes.  I haven’t kept a mileage log, but I estimate I’ve put well over 1,000 miles on them just on backpacking trips and hikes.  I’ve used them from Tennessee to Hawaii including trips to the Grand Canyon, Colorado, Wind River Range, Sawtooths, and Glacier NP.  I also regularly use them for everyday wear.  My feet have stayed comfortable in the desert and dry in day-long downpours.  They still have their original set of boot laces.

After the first season I thought the price of the boots was worth it, but spreading that cost out over the past 7 seven years (with what looks like several more seasons left in them) it’s proved to be an even smarter buy for me."

Alex | Redwood City, CA (2012)

“After buying two pairs of custom dress shoes from Esatto, I'm a happy customer. Alex worked with me to modify his standard shoes to come up with something I really liked. I plan to go back to Esatto for my next pair of shoes, and would gladly recommend the company to a friend."

James | Switzerland (2012)

“I wear a size 11AA, with an 11AAA heel, and finding footwear that fits is always a challenge for me. My Esatto boots are the best fitting footwear I have ever worn, fitting perfectly with no break in required, much better than any of my Allen Edmunds footwear.

Clearly the folks at Esatto have a great system for measuring feet and creating footwear that fit me perfectly. Regarding quality, the boots I received from Esatto are the highest quality footwear I have ever owned. Given the quality and fit of my Esatto boots, I would recommend Esatto products to anyone seeking excellence in both quality and fit."

Steve | Auburn, WA (2011)

“For years I have suffered from foot and ankle pain. After a particularly painful trek across the Southern Alps of New Zealand I finally ordered a pair of your hiking boots.

The results were nothing short of phenomenal! Not only was my foot and ankle pain gone but the boots required almost no break-in, amazing. I should have done this years ago.

Recently I ordered a pair of your Rugged Walkers. I like them so much that I am ordering another pair to use as my every day shoe. Not only do the shoes fit perfectly, the workmanship is first rate.

You certainly have my vote. Keep up the good work!"

Becky | Kenai, AK (2011)

“I've had my Esatto boots for two summers now and I can't say enough good things about them!

After years of hiking long distances with my toes pinched from boots that were sold as 'Wide' (HA!!!), I broke down and committed the money to these handmade boots, hoping that finally I would not be in pain after a hike.

When they arrived, I admit I had to laugh. My feet are very short and very wide - especially at the toe box, so the boots, though handsome, look like Hobbit Boots. I put them on and fell in love. At last, all of my toes had room. My feet could move in a natural motion.

These boots are not of the 'fast and light' variety. They are tough, rugged, durable and, the only drawback, a bit heavy. They actually took a couple of months of hiking to truly break in and move due to their dense, solid sole. But, if you are a hard core hiker, with feet that don't fit in store bought boots, please consider taking the plunge and purchasing from these guys.

I hike 'off trail' in Alaska. Through willow and alder, onto scree and talus, boulder fields, sharp granite...and these boots support my feet in an unhindered fashion. No wear on the soles yet, the leather remains water resistant even in Alaska's rainy wet hiking conditions.

I ripped one of the eyelets out bushwhacking through alder, sent them back for a repair. The guys fixed them with no questions or problems and sent them back quickly with no charge.

Bottom line: Excellent company, wonderful workmanship, truly the best thing you could ever do for your feet if you love to hike and climb.

I'm only giving a 4.5 because they ARE heavy compared to store bought boots. I'll never be without them."

Brian H. | Arcata, CA (2011)

“I was very reluctant to buy such expensive boots. I have looked at them for years and just never could make the purchase. I would buy new boots each season in hopes they would fit better but it never worked out. The front of my foot is quit wide and square so even with EE or EEE I would end up standing on my little toe. Regular walking shoes would usually tear wear my foot was the widest.

I bought a pair of Esatto custom boots and I have quit wearing all of my other shoes and boots. I hardly ever want to take them off. I can now carry heavy loads all day and not have blisters on my little toes and not have sore feet. I have been forced to wear old shoes while I had the Esatto boots repaired and was very unhappy and uncomfortable.

I have now ordered a pair of the lace to toe walkers so I have a back up pair and I will not have to wear boots to dinner and other events. It was one of the best purchases I have made."

Len F. | Kalispell, MT (2011)

“I received my boots this morning and my initial impression is that I could not be happier with them. As soon as I unwrapped them, I knew they were going to work because they looked like my feet! You combined every one of my stated wishes into what I feel are works of boot-making art. The heel cup is nice – puts a little pressure around my Achilles and not on the point of my heel – you hit this right on.

I can’t wait to put some miles on these boots and get them broken in a bit – my sense is that they are going to be the most comfortable shoes that I’ve ever walked in. You are obviously a master craftsman and I thank you very much.

Over the years, I’m sure that I’ve spent more in shipping costs trying other factory boots than these cost in total – a great value. In early summer, I think that I will order another pair with the double rocker sole on them! I told my wife this morning that, when it comes to my hiking career, from now on I will think of it as B.E. and A.E. – Before Esatto and After Esatto."

Carol E. | Afton, MN (2011)

“I participated in a field trial in Texas two weekends ago, having had only 1-1/2 hours of break-in time to wear Esatto Boots prior to the trip. I wore them walking in the field for four straight days about 7 hours a day. I got no blisters or no hot spots & had very comfortable days – probably more comfortable than wearing my running shoes. In addition, since they are lighter than my previous boots, I was less tired at the end of the day. So, I am very pleased with them.

Just by way of background, I got my “old” Esattos 15 or more years ago and they are still going strong. You have replaced the soles a couple times and, I think, fixed some loose stitching once. I’ve hiked in the Alps, in Colorado, in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area and other wilderness areas in them and had absolutely no problem – even in wet or mountainous terrain. My feet are pretty long and narrow and I blister easily, so prior to getting Esattos I was always suffering from deep blisters – no matter how much breaking in I did or how many different sock combinations I tried. I’ve never had any such problems with Esattos. I can wear almost any socks and go for a hike with almost no break-in. I ordered a new pair because I wanted something a little lighter weight since I am no longer hiking with a heavy pack. Now I have two pair that fit wonderfully and perform admirably.

Thank you Esatto!"

Elton | McKinleyville, CA (2011)

“My boots are so well made. Thank you so much for your enquiries workmanship. I have used Danner, Raichle, Galibier, Birkenstock, and Vasque boots during the past fifty years of hiking and climbing, but not one of them has fit so good as yours Esatto custom made boots. You have made me a happy hiker! Thank you so much!"

Jeff | Tijeras, NM (2010)

“My Esatto hiking boots are simply incredible - of course a perfect custom fit and I will never buy off the shelf again. The boots have been through 2 full seasons of hard wear in rough terrain, mud, volcanic rock, ice and snow. These boots are beasts! And everytime I wear them they are even more comfortable.”

Skip | Reno, NV (2010)

“Just returned from a day snowshoe above Reno with my boots. Comfortable, warm, great boots!”

Steven | Monroe, LA (2010)

I sat and pondered for days on what to say considering the nature of my situation. And, despite all the eloquent things I might have been able to conjure up that would impress upon you my gratitude towards the Esatto Team, this one thing rings true. There are many privileges that we are bestowed in life that we seem to just take for granted - like our vision, our hearing and our ability to walk and talk - that is until that moment when the possibility of loosing that luxury becomes so very real, and that has been the case for me.

For the past ten years I have relied upon one shoe maker to keep me walking. And this past year they discontinued the only shoe I have been able to wear in that ten year period. So you can see what a relief it was to find Esatto and thier team.

There is no way! I could ever express my gratitude towards Esatto and the hope they have given me for the future of my ability to walk. These boots are worth more than they ask for them and they are better made than they lead you to believe. Thank you Esatto for your commitment to excellence.

Sincerely, Desert Storm Veteran, Steven Sims

Becky | Palmer, AK (2010)

Esatto, I have to say I LOVE these boots - my toes have never been so happy and I'm desperate to get them back ASAP - I know, me and all the others in your line up.

Do you have any idea how quick I can expect them home? Let me know, if possible. I'm addicted to comfortable feet, now that I've had them.

I've had so many comments on them when people see them - they look, of course, like Hobbit feet - so short and wide...I give raving reviews.

Thank you, sincerely for a wonderful product. Love, them!!!

Raymond | Australia (2010)

I have just completed a 3week trek in Nepal around the Everest region. Your boots were absolutely fantastic. As you know I do have a prominent deformity of my right foot, which has become worse with age. This foot is broad with pes cavus, claw toes and short Achilles. I would not have been able to do this trek comfortably in a standard boot.

Polaris | TX (December, 2009)

I just wanted to let you know that I trekked to the top of Mt. Kilimanjaroin Africa wearing the boots you made for me. The boots provided me the comfort I have not found in any other footwear I have used. The Esattoboots got me to the top of the mountain. If you reply to my above email address, I will be more than happy to email you a picture of me at the summit of Kilimanjaro pointing at my boots. I don't know of any other endorsement higher than that!

I have two pics in which I am seen wearing the boots.  As the subject of the pics were not the boots, they are hard to discern and could be any other pair of boots.  But those are the boots that you made for me. The pics were taken at Siem Reap in Cambodia.

The smooth leather was great especially when I walked through mud and was able to clean the boots easily. The boots also work great as protective footwear when I was riding a motorcycle.

Neil | London, UK (May, 2006)

Dear Esatto,

Well the boots arrived last week and I had the opportunity to test them out over 12 miles along the South Downs Way in Sussex this weekend. Absolutely a perfect fit with not a sign of a blister whatsoever. I am delighted that we have finally got there and am particularly pleased with your determination to get the order completed to my entire satisfaction – thank you for going the extra mile, I really do appreciate it.

So here I am, proudly showing off my new boots. We got there in the end!

Mike | Nashville, TN (2005)

Hi Esatto,

I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with my boots. I have had them over a year now and they continue to perform wonderfully.

I have never had boots that fit before now. Over the years I’ve tried several different brands of boots, nearly every kind of insert, duct tape, moleskin, silk tape and a bunch of other things that didn’t work. My feet were still uncomfortable and I had horrible problems with blisters on my heels.

Three years ago I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis (RA). In a 4-month span I went from being a fairly active 39 year old to having problems even walking. After trying several different combinations of medication, my rheumatologist has developed a combination of meds that allow me to function relatively normally. But even normal daily walking still gives me problems unless I am wearing special shoes/orthodics.

I thought my hiking days were over. My son (and only child) was just getting to the age where he could comfortably manage a backpack and had begun taking backpacking trips. I thought that I wouldn’t be able to share those trips with him.

So I tried even more different types boots. Still nothing worked well. I was still getting horrible blisters and now serious pain from the RA.

So I looked into custom boots. Not just Esatto, but others as well. After describing my problems to one company, they told me that their boots probably weren’t the best solution for my foot type & problems (I admire them for being up front about that). Another company would make the boots, but told me that the backlog was 48 months. All I could think was that in 48 months I might not even be able to walk anymore, what good would the boots be to me then?

I have to admit that when I first heard about Esatto I thought that spending $700 for a pair of boots that was purchased through the mail was nuts. But after trying so many other things (and spending much more than $700 in the process) unsuccessfully, I was desperate. Quite frankly, when I ordered the boots I really wasn’t expecting them to work.

But they did. And they fit better than shoes of any type that I’ve ever had. I no longer have problems with blisters. The boots evenly spread the pressure across bottoms of my feet and the absence of pressure points greatly reduces the foot pain from the RA.

I have been able to hike and backpack again. I’ve been able to enjoy several trips with my wife and son since receiving my boots. In April of this year we even took a backpacking trip to the Grand Canyon. We hiked in from the South Rim and spent 2 nights at the bottom of the Canyon before hiking out. Before getting my boots, I never would have believed it would have been possible. The attached photo is of us on our way in to the Canyon (we weren’t smiling as much when we made it back to the top a couple of days later :).

I just wanted to thank you and the other folks at Esatto for the boots and for making it possible for me to share hiking and backpacking trips with my wife & son.

Backpacker Review | Gear Guide (March 2004)

“Incredible…The boots are so comfortable I now wear them for hiking, around the yard, even bluegrass dancing.”

Esatto Customer | (April, 2003)

“I could say they fit me like a glove, but I've never had a pair of gloves fit so good.”

Montesano, WA

Dear Esatto,

“They are working out great!!! …I am extremely pleased to finally have something that I can break in - instead of it breaking me in.”

Grantsville, UT

“I've never had such a work of art on my feet! I may have to sleep in them tonight because I don't want to take them off.”

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