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The Concept
The Esatto approach begins with your feet. Very specific measurements and tracings of your feet provide us with the data to create a model of your feet. Once we have the shape of your feet, adjustments are made to create a unique last with heel height and toe spring are built in, allowance for a footbed, or custom orthotics, are incorporated and toe characteristics are added.

The uppers are then constructed and shaped over your unique lasts. The bottom unit (mid-soles, heel wedge and outsole) is then attached and adapted to the shape of your last and boots or shoes. From there, the footbed and laces are inserted and your boots are “good to go.”

Benefits of Custom Fit Boots
The majority of consumers wear shoes or boots that don't fit. Most footwear has been mass produced for the “average foot.” However, very few feet are “average.” Most people simply grimace and bear it. Now you don't have to.

Custom footwear is crafted for your specific foot, not an “average” foot.
- The bottom of the shoe is shaped for your foot - wide where your foot is wide, narrow where it's narrow.
- If you have different sized feet (most people do) you'll get different sized shoes.
- The arch is contoured to match your arch.
- The footbed will be selected to match the contour of your foot (and, if you choose, we can make a custom footbed for an even better match and fit).
- The shoe is designed to accommodate your bunions, longer toes and other unique elements of your feet.
- The volume of the upper (essentially the girth of the shoe) will be constructed to match the volume of your foot — not too tight or too loose — just right.

The combination of good footbed support and the right volume will assist in keeping your foot in the neutral position and reduce excessive friction (which results in blisters and calluses)

Esatto footwear will fit your feet! A better fitting boot will enable you to pursue your chosen activity with more pleasure and comfort.


Esatto Custom Footwear

"The custom-made Esatto backpacking boots are the best boots I have ever worn"
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Esatto Custom Footwear

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