Fitting/measuring instructions

Esatto Fit Kit

Your Esatto Fit Kit includes the following tools to measure your feet:

Podotracks (2)
Measuring Tape
Two Ball Point Pens (Blue and Red) and a Sharpie pen

The Fit Kit also includes:
Customer Form
Esatto Catalog


After finishing the process, you'll be sending us the following:

Foot tracings on the Podotrack
Measurements of the feet (written on the Podotrack and in the customer form)
Photographs of your feet

Using the Podotrack and Measuring Your Feet

You’ll need an assistant to do the actual tracing and measuring of your feet. You should be barefoot and you’ll need to be sitting on a chair with your knee bent at a 90-degree angle.  It is best to do this on a hard floor with a smooth surface. Please mark exactly where you measured you foot with its measurements ON the Podotrack and in customer form. The instructions below are for your assistant!


Step 1

Esatto Custom Footwear Esatto Custom FootwearBegin by removing the protective layer from the transparent plastic layer.

Remove the protective layer completely.


Step 2

Esatto Custom Footwear Place the transparent plastic layer on the carbon paper. Do not smooth the plastic layer onto the carbon paper, as this will create an impression.



Step 3

Remove the two adhesive strip covers on the back and place/stick the Podotrack on the floor (must be a hard surface).

Step 4

Esatto Custom FootwearLift the foot up and place it over the Podotrack - place the foot on the Podotrack as pictured below.  Remember to have your knee bent at 90 degrees.




Step 5

Esatto Custom FootwearUsing the BLUE pen, trace the foot by holding the pen at a 90-degree angle




Step 6

Now stand and walk off of the Podotrack.

Step 7

Esatto Custom FootwearLift the transparent plastic layer off the carbon paper (be careful to pull the carbon paper from its edge and try to do this in one smooth movement).




Step 8

Esatto Custom Footwear Remove the carbon paper.





Step 9

Esatto Custom Footwear

Smooth the transparent plastic layer onto the bottom white grid paper.




Step 10

Esatto Custom FootwearPlace the foot back on the Podotrack.





Step 11

Esatto Custom Footwear Esatto Custom FootwearMeasure the “Ball Circumference” around the ball of the foot.  The ball of the foot is the portion of the foot where the “knuckles” of the foot are located.  We recommend for all measurements, that you use the Sharpie to mark on the Podotrack where exactly the measurements where taken and write the actual measurement next to the mark.  We prefer that you measure in millimeters.  Also, pull the tape fairly tight.

Step 12

Esatto Custom FootwearMeasure the “Waist Circumference” behind the ball of the foot.




Step 13

Esatto Custom FootwearMeasure the “Instep” around the arch of the foot.





Step 14

Esatto Custom FootwearMeasure the “Heel Circumference” around the back of the heel and over the front of the instep.




Step 15

Measure the leg circumference around the ankle joint

Step 16

Measure the leg circumference 15cm, 20cm, and 25cm from the floor

Step 17

Esatto Custom FootwearMark any hammer or claw toes and indicate their height.





Step 18

Stand up and fully weight the foot.  Using the RED pen, trace the foot by holding the pen at a 90-degree angle.  (This will show us how much your foot elongates when you stand).

Step 19

Esatto Custom FootwearThe completed Podotrack should look something like this





Step 20

Repeat the process with your other foot.

Step 21

Please put on the socks you prefer to wear and repeat step 11 through 16 your feet.

Step 22

We suggest you take a few picture of your feet (front, back, side, and arch of both feet) and send them to us with your Podotracks.  This is especially important if there are any specific features of your feet that you want to be sure we’re aware of.

Step 23

Send the completed Pododracks and photographs to:

Esatto, LLC.
12823 SE 15th Street
Vancouver, WA 98683 USA


Esatto Custom Footwear

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